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Current usage

In Indonesia, the keeping of standard time is divided into three time zones:

Single time zone proposal

Date Event
2012-03-12 Coordinating Minister for the Economy Hatta Rajasa is reported to have said: “According to research, with a single time zone the country could cut costs by trillions of rupiah,” [1]
2012-05-26 The Jakarta Post reported on 2012-05-26 that a single time zone using UTC+08:00 may start on 2012-10-28. [2]
2012-07-30 Reported on 2012-07-30 as still on the agenda Indonesia to implement single time zone
2012-08-31 Jakarta Globe reported on 2012-08-31 that a single time zone is now put on hold. [3] The Indonesian Economic Development Committee (KP3EI) cited that they will need at least 3 months to communicate and plan for the change. Hence this could happen in 2013.
2013-01-30 A deputy minister said the idea has been abandoned after missed two target dates: 17 August (Independence day) and 28 October 2012 (Youth Pledge day) [4]
2013-02-09 Then the minister said that it's not abandoned, only without any definite date [5]