IANA time zone database - censorship

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The Area Directors of the IETF Applications Area (relevance from RFC 6557) are: Barry Leiba, Pete Resnick

2014-08-09 Stephen Colebourne
TO: Tobias Conradi, Barry Leiba, Pete Resnick
It is likely that the moderator will allow through any mail that is
well-written, on-topic and not overtly negative or damaging to the
community. If well-written and on-topic mails were being rejected then
that would be a form of censorship which would be problematic. I do
not have evidence to suggest that kind of censorship is occurring.
2014-08-09 Tobias Conradi
TO: Stephen Colebourne, Barry Leiba, Pete Resnick
All that aside, you have evidence of my first message titled "Messages
not showing in IANA time zone mailing list archive", for convenience I
copy the text:

I emailed 2014-08-03 14:44:37 to tz@iana.org.

It is now 2014-08-04 00:03 and the message is not showing at


Which of your positive criteria does it not fulfill, which of your
negative criteria does it fulfill?

Or was it well-written and on-topic, and since it was rejected it
falls into "a form of censorship which would be problematic"?