Arseniy Yatsenyuk no one will ever restrict Russian language - fact check

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Fact check

  1. Court bans foreign films that are not dubbed or subtitled in Ukrainian
  2. The website of his foundation, the Open Ukraine - Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation
    • solely run in Ukrainian and English
  3. The website of the party he is member of
    • solely run in Ukrainian
  4. Svoboda has several provisions in their party program that favor Ukrainian over Russian
  5. 2014-02-23 in a parliamentary session a deputy from "Batkivshchina" (the party Arseniy Yatsenyuk is member of) Vyacheslav Kyrylenko moved to include in the agenda a draft that would repeal the 2012 Law "On the principles of the state language policy". The motion was carried with 232 deputies voting in favor, the draft was included into the agenda, immediately put to a vote with no debate and approved with the same 232 voting in favor, making Ukrainian the sole state language at all levels.
  6. 2014-04 Russian TV channels banned in Ukraine