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The ANNA time zone database provides fixes to the IANA time zone database.

File sources

Files can be found at:

There is a full file <filename>.<YYYYMMDDx> and a diff file <filename>.<YYYYMMDDx>.patch

diff -u ../ianatzdb/<filename> <filename>.<YYYYMMDDx> > <filename>.<YYYYMMDDx>.patch


  • 2013-04-08 - a file australasia based on IANA tzdata2013b/australasia and having the ambiguous DST acronyms for Australia fixed is published
  • 2013-04-08 patch file is published
  • 2013-04-09 - new pair labeled 20130409a has been created. Hopefully fixing
$ zic -d zoneinfo australasia
"australasia", line 30: %s in ruleless zone
"australasia", line 98: %s in ruleless zone
"australasia", line 130: %s in ruleless zone
"australasia", line 131: %s in ruleless zone
"australasia", line 135: %s in ruleless zone
"australasia", line 136: %s in ruleless zone
"australasia", line 184: %s in ruleless zone
"australasia", line 185: %s in ruleless zone
"australasia", line 207: %s in ruleless zone
  • 2013-04-11 new pair labeled 20130411.withLHHDT has been created. Using the letters used by IANA in other places for 0:30 DST.

ANNA time zone location code


Temporarily assigned codes start with "0" and do not overlap with a code that starts with O and has the same characters in the other positions.

tzid ANNA tzlc
Europe/Busingen 0BS
America/Danmarkshavn 0DN
Asia/Hebron 0HB
America/Santa_Isabel 0IS
Asia/Jerusalem 0JE
Asia/Khandyga 0KH
America/Shiprock 0SH
Asia/Ust-Nera 0UN
America/Indiana/Vevay 0VV

TZLC - ending in T

15 UN/LOCODE end in "T" and could be mistaken for a time if only the location part is seen.

ISO 3166-1
IANA tzid ANNA tzlc
NZ CHT Pacific/Chatham 1CH
US DET America/Detroit 1DE
TC GDT America/Grand_Turk 1GD
RU IKT Asia/Irkutsk 1IK
TR IST Europe/Istanbul 1IS
ID JKT Asia/Jakarta 1JK
SD KRT Africa/Khartoum 1KR
OM MCT Asia/Muscat 1MC
MX MZT America/Mazatlan 1MZ
CA PNT America/Pangnirtung 1PN
PF PPT Pacific/Tahiti 1PP
AQ ROT Antarctica/Rothera 1RO
US SIT America/Sitka 1SI
VI STT America/St_Thomas 1S1
VA VAT Europe/Vatican 1VA

TZLC - UN location part ambiguous

The location part for the following zones is ambigous in CLDR:

ISO 3166-1
IANA tzid ANNA tzlc Status Comment
NL AMS Europe/Amsterdam AMS keep
AQ AMS Antarctica/South_Pole SM0 change
MA CAS Africa/Casablanca CAS keep
LC CAS America/St_Lucia CA0 change
AQ CAS Antarctica/Casey CS0 change
MX CHI America/Chihuahua CH0 change
US CHI America/Chicago CHI keep
BQ KRA America/Kralendijk KR0 change 3k inhabitans
RU KRA Asia/Krasnoyarsk KRA keep
YT MAM Indian/Mayotte MM0 change ~50k inhabitants, the capital, but airport is DZA
MX MAM America/Matamoros MAM keep ~400k inhabitants
SC MAW Indian/Mahe MAW keep
AQ MAW Antarctica/Mawson MW0 change
CA MON America/Moncton MO0 change airport is YQM, located in New Brunswick and zone is for New Brunswick
MC MON Europe/Monaco MON keep
GL THU America/Thule TH0 change abandoned
CA THU America/Thunder_Bay THU keep (city)
RU YEK Asia/Yekaterinburg YEK keep larger
CA YEK America/Rankin_Inlet YK0 change 3k inhabitants