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Fürstenberg (principality) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaürstenberg_(principality)‎
Fürstenberg was a county (German: Graftschaft) of the Holy Roman Empire 
in Swabia, present-day southern Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

In the Infobox of the article it says: "1218–1408" and "Government: Principality".

This is Wikipedia-nonsense. The first line of the article claims Fürstenberg was a county. But the article title contains the word "principality". But a county is not a principality and more specifically before 1408 there was no principality of Fürstenberg in the Swabian Circle.

Name Fürstenberg for the family

According to

the name is first used since 1248, not 1218 as implied by the infobox.

Elevation to principality

Also what the time of elevation to principality concerns, Wikipedia contains contradictory nonsense:

  • German Wikipedia says it was 1664 "1664 wurden Hermann Egon aus der Linie Fürstenberg-Heiligenberg und seine geistlichen Brüder Franz Egon (Bischof von Straßburg) und Wilhelm Egon (Kardinal) von Kaiser Leopold in den Fürstenstand erhoben"[1]
  • English Wikipedia says it was 1667 "In 1667, Fürstenberg-Heiligenberg was raised to a principality and received a vote at the Reichstag." [2]

For more, the Google link:


The article used to be called "Fürstenberg (state)" but since there are different entities called Fürstenberg that were a state, it was suggested 2011-01-19 to rename it to "Fürstenberg (county)", which followed the intro line at that time that read

The County of Fürstenberg was a county of the Holy Roman Empire in Swabia,
present-day southern Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Idiots jumped in,

User:Pmanderson wrote
Describing a Grafschaft as a county is at best misleading; it implies that the 
article describes an administrative division of a state, not a member state 
of the Imperial Diet

(Well, if that would be so, then change the first line of the article?)

hijacked the move proposal, and renamed the article to "principality".

User:Victor_falk wrote 
Later elevated noble families like the Fürstenberg, Liechtenstein or 
Thurn und Taxis dynasties subsequently began to refer to their territory 
as a "principality" and assumed the awarded rank of a Prince (Fürst) 
as a hereditary title.

No proof given, that this happened anytime between 1218–1408.

User:Orderinchaos supports this nonsense with " per Victor above - makes the most sense here - we have to be careful re WP:OR, and that one can at least be verified" - Wao. In fact exactly the other way around. It could not be verified and is OR.

The move itself is carried out by User:Alpha_Quadrant.

Before that, User:Beyond My Ken strikes through all comments made by the only user that made logical statements in this move discussion regarding the name change towards "county".


This case made it to Heise Forum and no matter what the facts are: