Umnak Time

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Umnak Time is based on the Umnak Meridian as reference meridian and the notation that it is 00:00 when the sun passes this meridian.

It is the same as Florence Time under the notation that is is 12:00 when the sun passes the reference meridian.

Relation to UTC and CET

It is 45 min before UTC and 15 min after CET

00:00 (Day x) 23:15 (Day x-1) 00:15 (Day x)
00:45 (Day x) 00:00 (Day x) 01:00 (Day x)
12:00 (Day x) 11:15 (Day x) 12:15 (Day x)
12:45 (Day x) 12:00 (Day x) 13:00 (Day x)