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Palm oil labeled as green

In German "Biopalmöl".

Some consumer products claim to use green palm oil. The effect is, that the market is divided into products that

  • contain palm oil that is labeled as green
  • contain palm oil that is not labeled as green
  • contain no palm oil

Assume there are cases where using palm oil is hard to avoid. Now, wouldn't it be good if the green palm oil is left for these, and not used for food products like Milky Way, Nutella, Nussolade etc.

By buying food products that contain palm oil that is labeled as green, one is increasing the price for this kind of palm oil, making it more expensive for the other use cases.


Organizations that support usage of palm oil for food



Java Model Management, Erhardtstrasse 12, 80469 München


  • - "Für viele Produkte lässt sich Palmfett technologisch nicht ersetzen. So erhalten Samba, Tiger Creme und andere Nussaufstriche den ganz besonderen, cremigen Schmelz " - Danke Rapunzel für die Offenheit. Cremiger Schmelz in Europa, gegen Regenwald.

Biotropic Green Organics - Nussolade

Biotropic GmbH