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The data supporting ISO 639-6 is being researched and compiled by GeoLang on behalf of the British Standards Institution (BSI). ISO 693-6 was published in 2009.[1]

Language search

The page has a field "Language Reference Name (part or whole)", but it does not bring results for "Ottoman" despite that when searching for "Turkish" in the same field one gets results that contain the string "Ottoman" in the field "Language Reference Name".

Same applies when searching for "English" - this brings only two hits. But when searching "engs" in the "Alpha-4 Parent ID (exact)"-field many more entries containing the term "English" are shown.

Alpha-4 IDs

The "Alpha-4 ID" and "Alpha-4 Parent ID" fields on the website contain also alpha-3 codes (three digit alpha codes).

More details

As of 2012-08-06 the links in the result lists labeled "more details" return a page

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One URI that yields this output is

Scripts identified by language codes searching "Language Reference Name (part or whole)" for Turkish, gives six results:

  • Turkish
  • Turkish Spoken
  • Turkish, Ottoman (1500-1928)
  • Turkish, Ottoman (1500-1928) Armenian Script
  • Turkish, Ottoman (1500-1928) Hellenic Script
  • Turkish, Ottoman (1500-1928) Perso-Arabic Script

If scripts are identified by the language codes, then the codes of ISO 15924 are superfluous for the last three.

See also

  • ISO 15924 Codes for the representation of names of scripts