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This page lists software from the page FOSS PHP CMS without DB that uses the GNU GPLv3 license.

Property Value Comment
License GPLv3 In widespread use ("popular @ OSI"), translations into several languages exist
Programming language PHP In widespread use for websites in combination with Linux-based operating systems and the Apache webserver.
i18n RFC 3066 Codes are selected as recommended in RFC 3066, but can use "_" instead of "-" (as in locale names in Linux) and lower case for country codes
i18n selfmade codes there is localization, but language codes do not follow any RFC or ISO 639 standard
PHP minimum version -
  • software that has a low min required version could have problems in new environments, since PHP is not fully backward compatible
    • in PHP 5.4 (2012-03-01) [1] backward compatibility was broken by several changes

Not reviewed:

  • coding standard (
  • size of own PHP code, size of external PHP code
  • usage of other languages (CSS, JS, HTML, )
  • webserver configuration (Apache: htaccess, mod_rewrite)
  • PHP configuration (safe mode, ...)
  • update mechanism
  • ...


Name URL Version Date PHP Git i18n Comment
GetSimple CMS 3.3.2 2014-05-16 5.2+ [2] Not found. RFC3066 TinyMCE via plugin [3]
TinyCMS 1.0b 2014-03-07 [4] 5.0+ [5] Yes [6] RFC3066 language subsites can have code in URL, e.g. /en/, /de/, /ro/ [7]
CMSimple 4.4.4 2014-07-21 4.3+ Not found. selfmade (Swedish uses 'se') TinyMCE 3
cms -db 0.9.4 2011-11-04 [8] 5.0+ [9] Not found.
Pluck 4.7 2011-08-20 [10] 5.2+ [11] Yes [12] TinyMCE
razorCMS 3.3.10 [13] 5+ [14] Yes [15] No release date found on the website.