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Proposal by Tobias to have Forró

In June 2016 Fernando Zapata asked Tobias Conradi if on Sundays he could be DJ for Tango in the Mall of Berlin. One of the first questions Tobias had was, if it would be possible to have Forró too.


Forró was confirmed, scheduled to take place on Saturdays from 12:00 to 16:00, followed by Salsa from 16:00 to 21:00. The salary for Forró on 11 June was given as "Nur 50 e".


  • Sat 2016-06-25: Tobias asked Fernando for an ad for (1062 x 531 px/300 DPI). It would have been for free. No reply.
  • ca Sun 2016-06-26: Tobias learns via friends that flyers for the party have been printed. - No announcement of that to Tobias by Fernando.
  • Wed 2016-06-29: Tobias visits the Mall of Berlin to 1) see the dance floor and 2) get some flyers. Then he goes to the Forró-Party in Atopia to start distribution of the flyers among people interested in Forró.

First four events

The first events took place 2, 9, 16, 23 July.

Event on 2016-07-30

For 30 July Tobias Conradi had an invitation to Stuttgart. So on 2016-06-30 Tobias asked Fernando via SMS: "30 juli muss ich jmd finden, oder notfalls machst du?". Background: Forró is followed by Salsa, where Fernando turns up regularly anyway. It is a similar setting like 2015 at Strandbar, where Tobias did the Salsa DJ and instructor if Fernando did not appear to the event at 16:00. So, having Fernando do Forró would have been a kind of a reverse situation to Strandbar 2015. The question if Fernando would do it was also asked with the fact in mind that Fernando said there is "only 50 EUR" for a DJ, so on restraint resources he may prefer to do it fully himself to save the costs for a DJ.

As there was no reply and Fernando started - unknown to Tobias - talks to replace Forró on that date with another dance style, Tobias decided not to confirm the invitation to Stuttgart.

Mid July - four music styles reported - Forró defended

But then around mid of July four different music styles have been reported to be played.

Any other music style than Forró would have been bad for

  • guests, that come in vain
  • the reputation of all people involved in the organisation of the event
  • the Forró event
Style Source Cancellation
Forró printed ads and website published by the Mall of Berlin -
Kizomba oral announcement by Fernando Zapata
  1. Tobias protests when Fernando first tells him that there would be Kizomba. Tobias says he could have organized another Forró-DJ or DJed himself and that at least he could have talked with him before. Fernando says that the agreements with the Kizomba people have been made and that there is no way back.
  2. 2016-07-23 ca. 12:00 Tobias points one manager of the Mall of Berlin to the contradiction between Zapata's announcement and the official ads of the Mall of Berlin; Manager confirms Forró
  3. 2016-07-2? Fernando negotiates with Danca Frevo - again without talking with Tobias before.
  4. 2016-07-26 Fernando finishes the deal with Danca Frevo
  5. 2016-07-28 Fernando tells Tobias that Forró is kept and "Carlos" would be the DJ
Zouk 1) private report to Tobias by Zouk dancers that also dance Forró 2) negotiations by Fernando Zapata with Dança Alegria e. V.
Standard & Latein Facebook event published by the Mall of Berlin 2016-07-25 Tobias contacts the Mall of Berlin in Facebook. They change the event to "Forró & Salsa".

2016-07-28 - Fernando announces replacement DJ to Tobias

On 28 July Fernando Zapata calls Tobias Conradi on the phone, and says that there will be no Kizomba the upcoming Saturday, Kizomba will be organised another day, that there will be Forró and that the DJ will be Carlos [then the call ended].

2016-07-30 - Fernando defends the invitation of another DJ