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SSL warning

For the page Chrome 42 shows a SSL warning: "The site uses outdated security settings"

SSL test -


"Please have a look at our notes for self-configured servers before starting a migration." Link goes to there it says "Adding a self-administrated server"

Email provider selection

"Please notice our advice for migrations involving a self-configured server" - links to there it says "Adding a self-administrated server"

Add provider or server

At the screen "Add provider or server" it says

"If no valid port is specified, our system will automatically try all default ports."


  • with 993 - one gets a animated waiting graphic and one can only Cancel that menu since Save does not work, nor changing the number. The Check button remain grayed/inactive.
  • with 7 - one gets an error and can type another port.

Migration progress

Migration start: 20.05.2015 16:12	
Migration finished (estimate): 20.05.2015 18:13

The date format seems to be "DD.MM.YYYY". That may fail for day numbers <13. Secure would be using ISO 8601.



Email notifications

Emails come via

Email footer


Email duplicated text

Not in footer, but contained in the text of two emails:

More information about our migration solution is available from the support website:

Email - Your migration is configured

No specific observations.

Email - Your migration has just started

  • We confirm the order of the migration process. /// order of the migration process? What is that?
  • The migration process just started. /// The email subject differed a little bit.
  • You will be informed as soon as the migration process finished by another email. /// Maybe better: "You will be informed by another email as soon as the migration process finished.", otherwise it might be read as if the process can be "finished by another email".