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Sounds represented by ASJPcode
ASJPcode Description IPA ULA
i high front vowel, rounded and unrounded i, ɪ, y, ʏ i
e mid front vowel, rounded and unrounded e, ø e
E low front vowel, rounded and unrounded a, æ, ɛ, ɶ, œ (a)
3 high and mid central vowel, rounded and unrounded ɨ, ɘ, ə, ɜ, ʉ, ɵ, ɞ y
a low central vowel, unrounded ɐ (a)
u high back vowel, rounded and unrounded ɯ, u u
o mid and low back vowel, rounded and unrounded ɤ, ʌ, ɑ, o, ɔ, ɒ o
p voiceless bilabial stop and fricative p, ɸ p
b voiced bilabial stop and fricative b, β b
m bilabial nasal m m
f voiceless labiodental fricative f f
v voiced labiodental fricative v v
8 voiceless and voiced dental fricative θ, ð
4 dental nasal
t voiceless alveolar stop t t
d voiced alveolar stop d d
s voiceless alveolar fricative s s
z voiced alveolar fricative z z
c voiceless and voiced alveolar affricate ts, dz ts, dz
n voiceless and voiced alveolar nasal n n
S voiceless postalveolar fricative ʃ c
Z voiced postalveolar fricative ʒ q
C voiceless palato-alveolar affricate tc
j voiced palato-alveolar affricate dq
T voiceless and voiced palatal stop c, ɟ
5 palatal nasal ɲ
k voiceless velar stop k k
g voiced velar stop g g
x voiceless and voiced velar fricative x, ɣ x
N velar nasal ŋ
q voiceless uvular stop q
G voiced uvular stop G
X voiceless and voiced uvular fricative, voiceless and voiced pharyngeal fricative χ, ʁ, ħ, ʕ
7 voiceless glottal stop ʔ
h voiceless and voiced glottal fricative h, ɦ h
l voiced alveolar lateral approximate l l
L all other laterals ʟ, ɭ, ʎ
w voiced bilabial-velar approximant w w
y palatal approximant j j
r voiced apico-alveolar trill and all varieties of “r-sounds” r, R, etc. r
! all varieties of “click-sounds” ǃ, ǀ, ǁ, ǂ