Uropi alphabet

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In some environments it is impossible to write the letter ʒ, while all other letters of ISO 646 are available. Unused letters in Uropi are q, x, y. The desired sound /ʒ/ is

  1. q - in IPA is /q/ voiceless uvular stop (Wikipedia) or voiceless uvular plosive (IPA website)
  2. x - has the value /ks/ in several alphabets, which is voiceless, in IPA it is /x/ voiceless velar fricative
  3. y - has the value /j/ in several alphabets. /j/ is voiced palatal approximant

Some IALs use j = /ʒ/ and y = /j/. Choosing j = /j/ and y = /ʒ/ increases the compliance with IPA without changing any other letter.