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The change

+RU   +4457+03406     Europe/Simferopol       Moscow+00 - Crimea
-UA   +4457+03406     Europe/Simferopol       central Crimea

was announced ca. 2014-03-20.

So, what did and does that zone cover? Central Crimea? Why then, the new name says "Crimea"?

Maintainer Paul Eggert writes: 2014-03-20 19:16

> why did the region end up being described as "central Crimea" in
Sorry, I don't recall, but I expect it had something to do with Sevastopol naval bases 
and/or city observing Moscow time regardless of what the rest of Crimea did.  That usage 
is already supported by TZ='Europe/Moscow'.  Moving forward, I thought it would be less
confusing for tzselect users if the description said just "Crimea" for the time in 
non-naval-base Crimea, since the folks who want to set their clocks to Moscow time far 
into the distant past should already know to use TZ='Europe/Moscow'.  
Plus, "central Crimea" wasn't quite right either, as the Simferopol zone is more 
than just the central part of Crimea.

So, it is more than the central part. But what is it?

As of 2014-03-20 shows "Eastern European Time (EET) +0200 UTC " for Sevastopol. So, it is not Moscow time.

In an email 2014-07-18 by Paul Eggert it says:

+RU     +554521+0373704 Europe/Moscow   Moscow+00 - west Russia
+RU     +4457+03406     Europe/Simferopol       Moscow+00 - Crimea

So, Sevastopol is "west Russia"?